Trade-Up to a new VELscope® Vx and "Join the Fight"

Trade-Up to a new VELscope® Vx and "Join the Fight"


We give you $1,500 for your old VELscope and give you a new VELscope® Vx to use with our "Join the Fight” Velscope Trade-In / Trade-Up campaign.


Commit to only 3 x VELscope® Vx oral exams per day over 3-years and we will GIVE YOU a new VELscope® Vx.


As a way to make life-saving oral cancer exams a viable option for every dental practice in Australia, our all-inclusive "Join the Fight” program offers your practice the VELscope® Vx, an Apple® iPod Touch Image Adapter, plus all caps and sheaths for only a fraction of the monthly earnings.


Each oral exam takes only a couple of minutes so now as well as assisting in the early detection of oral cancer, for only $399 per month a completely managed VELscope® Vx solution can earn your practice a minimum of $1,755.00 per month.


Based on a health fund rebate of $27 per VELscope® Vx oral exam multiplied by an average of only three (3) exams per day the Velscope® Vx earns your practice in excess of  $63,000+ in just three years.


note: the charging of a consulting fee increases the dental practice revenue above the conservative $63,000+ in three years amount.


The Distribution One VELscope® Vx "Join the Fight” program includes:

√ VELscope Vx® (for a safe & painless 2-minute examination)

√ VELscope® Vx Image Adapter (for your Apple® iPod Touch)

√ 65 x VELcaps delivered per month

√ 65 x VELsheaths delivered per month

√ 36-month Agreement term

√ Free Australia-wide delivery


Watch the "Join the Fight" video here


note: The option to extend your "Join the Fight” program up to 4-Year or 5-Year terms is available.


    “Join the Fight” program includes a VELscope® Vx + Caps + Sheaths + Delivery included for agreement term.


    We are so confident in the Velscope product that it comes with a warranty swapout/replacement guarantee for your preferred "Join the Fight" managed Velscope solution agreement term (3, 4 or 5 years).


    Free Australian and New Zealand shipping included.

Preferred Managed VELscope® Vx Agreement Term